Custom Overmolding Service

Overmolding is a plastic injection molding process in which one thermoplastic material(usually is TPE) is molded over another material(usually is a rigid plastic) to form a full part. Usually, overmolding needs two separate molds. After the body is finished proceed with the second molding two materials are bonded together during the plastic overmolding process to form plastic parts or components with unique visual or ergonomic.

Superior Quality & Precision Overmolding Solutions

Our extensive experience in development and production of custom overmolding components has given us a deep understanding of what makes a successful process.

We can provide guidance on the manufacturability of overmolding parts ready to be custom injection molding, or to create a mold design with the proper actions, gate locations, temperature control and venting.

   Engineering and Technology-focused Personnel
   Muiti Assist Aapabilities
   Quality Control
■  Manufacturability Expertise
   Innovative Mold Design
   Process Flexibility

Our Core Competencies

Our engineering team can provide design assistance for your assembly from concept to completion, or help your engineers with your internal design process. We can also evaluate your existing drawings for testability and manufacturability. 
   ✓   Two-Color Mold Making Experience 
   ✓   20 Years+ Overmolding Plastic Parts Manufacture Experience
   ✓   Autodesk Moldflow Simulation
   ✓   Over 20 Years Experience Mold Designer
   ✓   High Precision Tooling Manufacture(Sodick Mitsubishi EDM.)
   ✓   Engineering Support
   ✓   Design for Manufacturability
   ✓   Automatic Servo Robotics & Vision System
   ✓   Professional Injection Technlology Engineer
Complete Turnkey Overmolding Solution

Custom Overmolding Manufacturing Specialist

High precision mold is the first step to success. The right material is equally important. When selecting material, both the substrate and the overmold material should be considered according to elasticity and hardness, as well as its ability to adhere to other plastics (material compatibility). Most overmolding uses manual operation. 

The vertical machines have an inherent advantage for ovemolding—allowing the substrate(or body) to be easily loaded into the mold, maintain a stable position during the molding cycle, and facilitate unloading the finished part after the molding cycle is complete. 

Our cutting-edge overmolding solutions use a unique combination of process optimization and robotic automation to produce parts with an extremely high level of consistency.

Quality & Precision Overmolding Tooling Making

Mold is an essential part of the overmolding making process, the quality of your finished plastic part all depends on the precision and characteristics of your finished mold. Because your overmolding parts require extremely tight tolerances to fit like a glove, overmolding can't be easy to achieve.

Since the materials we use shrink as they cool following the overmolding process, special considerations are made during the tooling development process to accommodate for changes in dimensional tolerance. like wall thickness, gate location, sealing features all in our considering range.

Excellent mold design increase parts be made the probability of success. Two-color mold is nice chooice for overmoldng part, but its cost very high than other solution. we must consider part quantity and request, then make a proper chooice.

Overmolding Manufacturing Core Critical Point

When deciding on material combinations for your overmolding process, it’s important to consider certain properties such as thickness, hardness, shrinkage, friction, and more to ensure compatibility between materials. The following are the key points that we summarized about ovemolding products manufacturing according to our experience:
  Substrate Shrinkage Rate

■  Products Wall Thickness
■  Mold Making Feasibliity Assessment
■  Vertical Molding If Available
■  Design for Manufacturability
■  Cavities Quantity
■  Mold Making with Tight Tolerance Control
■  Material Compatibility
■  Flash
■  Mold Design
■  Automation Production

Advangates of Overmolding
One of the main reasons that an overmolding design is used is that it improves the overall aesthetic design and functionality of a product. There are numerous benefits associated with overmolding design, including:
  Eliminates Need for Assembly, Reduced  Cost
  Improved Component Reliability 
  Improved Resistance to Vibration and Shock
  Improved Part Structure and Strength 
  Enhanced Design Flexibility
  Improved Touch Functionality and View Experience
  Creat Strong Material Bonds

How to Get The Best Result for Your Plastic Parts

Partner with Amazing Plastics early in the development process. We can help select the best solution for medical molding, aotumotive, electronic,  product performance, and manufacturability.

In many cases, multishot molding, in-mold decoration, insert molding, overmolding can help control assembly costs and make for a better product.

Application of Overmolding

Overmolding process is a plastic part or component that’s created by joining two or more materials into one. The materials used can either be the same materials or different materials. This process have a wide indudtry application.
  Medical Industry
  Beauty Industry(Disposable Razor)
  Automotive Industry
  Electrical Industry(Power Tool Handle)
  Consumer Goods(Tooth Brush)
  Sport Goods(Badminton racket handle)
■  Cable Assembly
■  Agricultural Industry

Insert Molding Design Solutions

Through excellent engineering expertise, our team will provide professional engineering assistance and design review, ultimately providing a recommendation of the best solution for your components. We’ll help you with decisions that drive performance and cost to ensure a successful project.
     Determine if your component requires overmolding or assembly
    Recommend when to chemically or mechanically bond.
    Can advise about the overmolding substrate, taking into account the operating environment, production method, cost, and weight.
    Provide detailed guidance about the necessary parts and mold design features that will promote a durable, high-performance bond.

One-Stop Overmolding

Technology and experience are essential for a stable plastic parts injection molding process. Partnering with an experienced custom injection molding manufacturer — especially one with scientific molding expertise, like Amazing Plastics — will help you navigate the pros and cons of using overmolding on your project, and collaboratively guide you to the best decision for your application. The below video show we're producing an overmolding plastic cap using two injection machines at the same time.
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